Our vision is the reason we exist.

We believe creativity is one of the most valuable assets a person can have.

In a fast-pace thriving world, people should have access to simple ways to train creativity.

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Our mission is to make it accessible for everyone, especially young generations, through electronic music-making.



Making music is something we all do naturally,

learning music should also be.


Practice makes the master,

will should make the maker.


We remove barriers, fears, excuses.

We play today, so we change the game tomorrow.


Time is now. Play forward.

Brand proposition

Our brand proposition is the minimum expression of our brand ethos. It encourages playing with a purpose. Playing with a look in the future. It expresses progress.

play forward>


Our values are visible. It's the way we communicate to kids to make sure that the next generation is the one that changes behaviors and thinks forward. And we help them to get there.


We empower kids to create anything they can imagine. 


We are loud, playful and have fun! 


We speak the language of our target and communicate with them on the same level and in the same way they talk to each other.


We are straight to the point, because we don’t want to waste time that we could use to create stuff.