Typeform is the company that changed the way people collect data online, from forms or surveys to wedding RSVPs. They have always strived to make things "a little more human", but what is that mean really? 

With the company growing fast, we needed the brand to express our vision in a meaningful way, send a clear message of what the business stands for. With our friends at DesignStudio, we created a breathing brand inspired by Catalan artists Miró and Picasso. The brand is now empowered to speak to very diverse audiences, with a more mature people-focused approach. 


A new vision

By listening to users, we realized people often refer to Typeform with words like “love, fun, beautiful.” That’s some pretty emotional vocab for a data collection tool, right?

The same feelings people use to describe the product are baked into our company culture. Typeform's CoCEOs, David and Robert, are passionate about building a work environment where people feel comfortable and free. They’ve always worked to make Typeform about empathy—from the product, to how we communicate, to the way we hire.

So Typeform is about more than just data, what makes the product stand out is the emotional connection it allows users to create with their people. We boiled this down to two simple words: People first.

Finding balance: the Rings

Typeform’s secret sauce has always been a healthy mix of the rational and the emotional: data collection + conversation.

The Rings represent that balance in their 3 different modes: the "whole picture state" which represents the levels of understanding, the "emotional state" that represents feelings, innovation and momentum, and the "rational state" which represents structure and data.


People, knowledge: they have layers.

Remember Shrek? Humans are like onions too. We took the idea much further than just representing them with the rings, and created a design system based on the idea of collage. 

TF art 03_OPT
TF art 02_OPT

People bring the colour.

We stablished typeform as a monocromatic brand, with a light and dark version. DS had the brilliant idea to have people bring color to the brand, so it can speak to different audiences in different ways.

Real photography

People first applies to everything the brand does, so we made Typeform move from illustration to photography on most communications. We got in touch with several photographers and asked them for pictures of their personal album, from their travels, people they meet along their way. The autenticity of those images grounds the brand and makes it inclusive and diverse. 

09_TF_Newsletter OPT
TF Merch Socks

What a journey!

From the very first day I joined Typeform, I felt a disconnect between the brand at the moment and the spirit of the company. After nearly a year of conversations, workshops and iterations, we delivered a full new brand identity. It felt damn good!

This is definitelly one of the best projects I've been involved recently. 

"Antolino was the first to say that our branding didn't reflect our vision.
He had the courage and insight to lead the creation of a new brand that deeply represents the ethos of our company".

David Okuniev, Co-CEO at Typeform.

© Alex Antolino 2017