Tone of voice

We speak acording to our values and ajusting the content to each of our different target audiences.

We are empowering

  • Everyone has a voice, and all voices are welcomed.
    We ask for opinion and call to action with rhetorical questions “What do you think?” “Ready to start?”
  • We praise the unconventional, the unexpected. We avoid concepts like “proper”, “right”, “better”, “bad”.
    We express ourselves through possibilities: “why not?” “let’s try!”
  • We assume our audience doesn't know anything. And that’s ok! They’re starting, they’re not experts yet, so we don’t use jerga that could exclude them.
  • We talk positive. We don’t want people to feel discouraged by not understanding what we’re talking about.


You can use our product everywhere.


On the dance,
on the floor,
and around.

We are straight-forward

  • We speak in a simple way. Use short sentences. Active voice. We make the difficult look easy. We’re the experts, and share our knowledge in a humble way, so others grow. Someone in our audience will eventually be more expert than us.
  • We acknowledge and celebrate that!
    We avoid distractions and metaphors. We go straight to the point. We have no time to lose, we just want to get started.


Explore endless
possibilities and



-> play.


-> rePlay

We are expressive

  • Music is the language of emotions, so we are a very expressive brand. We use punctuation signs!
    We are LOUD if we’re excited or energised, but always respectful and humble. We’re never too serious. YEY!
  • We communicate emotions through emojis, but we don’t overuse them ;)


New sound packs


Bring on
the new
vibes ~

We are contemporary

  • We live in 2018, so we’re culture sensitive. We adopt pop culture behavior. We avoid street slang, but sometimes adopt internet slang. We can use popular forms like “LOL”, “hahaha”, “THX” or “U” instead of you. We can use social media formats like hashtags or “@”. for instance.
  • We are context aware, so we can even adopt memes in certain contexts and pop references mostly on online communications. We set a good example, but we’re not academic.


Surprise everyone
with your creations.


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