Our logo is as simple as it could be. It consists of our wordmark written with our main typeface Raisonne, followed by a dot.


To make the wordmark look cohesive, the spacing was adjusted and we added the dot to reinforce the idea of playfulness.


Logo white


The logo can be placed by itself or with our tagline. These are the two possible states of using the logo across different applications.



Logo is always place white on coloured background. 

Logo white
Logo white
Logo white

Logo size

We use our logo in a subtile way. So most of the time, the grid of the content will define it's size, as explained in composition. 

Only when there's no more text on an application, we can have a larger version of our logo that will always be centered. The maximum widht of the logo will be a third of the total widh of the application. 

Minimum size.
We take the height of the ’j’ to calculate the minimum logo size – never use it smaller than 30px or 8mm.



The Logo can be positioned in every of the outer squares in the corner of the layout or in the middle of the application. It always has the size of half a square of the grid.


Exclusion zone

Our Logo always has to be legible so it’s important to give it enough room to breathe with a good amount of clear space.

When placing the logo leave a minimum distance that is equal to the ‚k‘ of the logo around the word-mark.


Logo missuse

It's very tempting to get creative, but let's not do it over the logo ;)


DO NOT type out the wordmark. Always use the correct artwork file.


DO NOT alter the colour of the logo in any way. Always use it in white or black.


DO NOT rotate the logo under any circumstance.