In the layout of the composition we bring back the structure
of our product which is made of cubes.

The square grid

We use a square grid to place all elements in a composition. This will conveys a feeling of rationality, order and invisibly tights back our communicatinos with the shape of our product. 

  • The format has to be divided into a square grid with a space of 5mm between the squares.
  • The margins on the sides should be minimum 13mm.
  • The grid should be more or less visible in the layout by aligning text blocks, headlines or images to the squares.
  • Nevertheless this should not be restrictive and the elements can also adapt to the square grid without being visible as squares.


We are loud and so are our messages.
The headlines should always be placed as big as possible by using the whole width of the application.



Images don’t have to be placed as squares and can be placed more loose to the grid by using the width or height of more squares next to each other.

This will give the layout a more dynamic look.